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Sample Engagements
Listed below are example engagements that we have conducted. It is our practice to utilize industry recognized experts who can address a project with authority, understanding and objectivity.  

* Global S/W Maintenance Practice Study
* Development/Design/Implementation of

  High Impact Inspection Technology
* FDA Expert Testimony - Medical Device(s)
* Review of Software and Test Engineering

* Systematic Software Testing Training
* Test Automation Evaluation and Guidance
* Global Review Business Continuity -   Prominent Telecom Provider
* Offshore Outsourcing - Placement,

  Oversight and Evaluation
* Venture Capital Placement & Candidate

* Critical System Product Engineering

* Commercial Software Evaluations

* Standards Development - Corporate &

  Industry Participation
* Vulnerability Evaluation
* Risk Based IT Security Assessment

* Fiscal Recovery/Turnaround Project

* Operational Process Redesign and


* Security and Risk Assessment - Major

  Credit Card Processor

* Technical Training in ERP Security &

  Controls - Internationally & Domestically 

* Private (Individual) Info. Security Hardening

  for fixed & mobile based technology

* Specialized ERP training

  (SAP/PeopleSoft/JDEdwards) provided

  publically and in-house engagements
* SAP Implementation Review (Segregation

   of Duties, Solutions/Modules & Security)
* SAP BASIS Audits

* Disaster Recover/Contingency Planning


* Alternative Operations - Setup and





We have delivered services in 47 states, 56 countries on all continents except Antartica.  When you think Global say Certellus Corporation




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