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01-01-2010  Another year and everyone is hoping.... please no more 2009.  I have often found that when people utter these words they are apt to discover that the pains of the past are nothing by comparison to what lies ahead.  Much of 2009 was split between consulting & education (4 new programs introduced) and outsource related services.  Outsource services (www.Int-IOM.org) continued to reflect active interest and rapid regional expansion.  So what do we expect in 2010?  We believe that the economy will continue to be sluggish through to at least mid-2011 (sorry for the bad news).  This is largely due to companies attempting to right-size and adjust, but are slow as a result of size and protocols that exist.  Government will continue to attempt ways to infuse activity but without industry knowledge the resources will be poorly employed and only marginally effective (only near term effects).  What will make the turn in 2011 is that companies will finally have a clear definition of goals and the fabric of operating in a global fashion.  Those that refuse to acknowledge or adapt will put themselves, investors and employees at risk.
So there you have it.... predictions for 2010 (and beyond) and I can only hope that I am totally wrong.  We will see, this time next year. 
Thanks to our many wonderful and dedicated clients who without your continued support and encouragement.   ..... Jerry Durant, Managing Director 

07-13-2009  Certellus to support and underwrite the first International Outsource Management Research Center (IOMRC) in Wuxi, PRC.  Certellus Corporation in cooperation with the International Institute for Outsource Management (IIOM) will be helping to sponsor the formation of the first center dedicated to outsource management. We are excited with the level of interest and support we are receiving from the sponsors, advisors and practioners in the field of professional outsource management.  We encourage others to sign-on and help to promote responsible sourcing and the development of a profession. 
05-26-2009  Managing Director Durant returns from a Highly Successful China Trade Mission.  (Refer to www.Int-IOM.org 2009 News for further information)
03-14-2009  YES, we continue to exist!  Despite the horrible state of affairs in the US work and innovation go on.  At present we are engaged in a new development project, have introduced an innovative back to work program, finalizing program chair responsibilities for The Outsourcing Institute's Outsourcer Summit (4/23 NYC) and rolled out bITnews Network on LinkedIn.  Some energy has been put forth to capitalize on the use of social networking mediums.  We are grateful for every little bit of work that we get and we continue to appreciate your business both domestically and internationally.
02-15-2009  Cost Cutting Sleuth Service Announced - In the midst of difficult Economic Times Certellus Corporation is pleased to announce a new and innovative service positioned to help companies find areas of hidden savings.  According to Managing Director Durant, "we work with companies to find savings and do so at a level of aggressiveness that fits their circumstances".  If your company, like so many, is struggling to find those hidden dollar savings, have limited timed, maybe are too close to the action, or simply don't have funding to do this, then you are a prime candidate for this BIG savings opportunity.  Contact us immediately and in confidence at:  Info@Certellus.net
02-07-2009  Managing Director Quoted on Topics in InformationWeek on Satyam and CIOZone Top 10 Most Dangerous Outsourcing Locations.  Ref.  Satyam - Information Week; February 2, 2009 and CIOZone; February 6, 2009 (www.ciozone.com). 
01/29/2009    Durant appointed to review panel for EuroStar2009 being held in Stockholm.  Managing Director Jerry Durant has been invited to be a part of the review panel for submissions to the EuroStar 2009 conference being held in Stockholm, Sweden November 30 - December 3.
01/27.2009  Non-Commercial White Paper Available:  "The New Economics of Outsourcing". 
As the year draws to a close we wish to thank our clients, associates, partners, suppliers, family and friends for their continued encouragement and support.  2008 marks our 23rd year of operation and we have been blessed to see our organization grow from a one person operation to an organization with over 100 associates located around the globe, with world class expertises in 35 subject matter areas, the operation of a business process & research divisions, and a highly successful section dedicated to outsourcing development.  All of this would not have been possible without all of you and the community at large.  We are hopeful that we will remain YOUR faithful stewards in 2009 and beyond.
- J. Durant, Managing Director - Certellus Corporation
December 16, 2008  Managing Director Durant featured on CCTV9 International at Beijing Outsourcing Conference/C-Level Workshop.  Broadcast can be viwed at:
November 20, 2008 Technology Evaluation (www.technologyevaluation.com) Publishes IIOM (Sector Partner w/Certellus Corporation) White Papers   "The World in Crisis: A Report on the Impact on Global Outsourcing Relations" and "Retro-sourcing: A Safety Net for Outsourcing Engagements" has been published by Technology Evaluation, Montreal, Canada.  TE is a global distributor of expert white papers and research studies.  Copies of the whitepaper can be obtained through their website.  The published papers were authored by Managing Director Jerry Durant and his outsource service team.
October 24, 2008 Certellus announces Merger & Acquisition services for Outsourcing companies around the Globe!  To meet the challenges created by the Global Financial Crisis Certellus Corporation has announced the creation of a Merger & Acquisition Division specializing in Outsourcing Service Companies.  All target organizations are subjected to pre-qualification scrutiny using the Global Star Certification (GSC™) framework developed by Certellus and globally marketed by the International Institute for Outsource Management.  According to Managing Director Jerry Durant, we have a portfolio of over 70 companies ranging in size from 40 to over 1,000 employees on all continents, and 12 companies looking at prospective merger/acquisition opportunities.  We welcome inquiries at:  Info@Certellus.net

October 10, 2008 Certellus Corporation Managing Director part of Distinguished Outsourcing Instititue Teleconference Panel Addressing the "Global Economic Impact on Outsourcing".  The session held at 10:30 EST was attended by over 300 practioners, buyers, sellers and advisors.  In addition to MD Durant the other panelists included John Scully, CEO-Global Sourcing Advisory Group; Phil Fersht, Managing Director - AMR Research, and Dan McGreachy, Executive Director - Royal Bank of Scotland Group.
September 28, 2008  Outsourcing Management Body of Knowledge (OMBOK™) Wiki Established to promote and support vital professional framework.  Certellus Corporation is pleased to deliver and support the International Institute for Outsource Management (IIOM - www.Int-IOM.org) through the development and delivery of Wiki community.  Utilitzing this interactive outlet people from around the world can share the ideas, debates, recommendations and requests.  [OMBOK™ Wiki Link Click Here]
September 24, 2008 Managing Director Durant releases white paper on the "Effect of the Global Financial Crisis on Outsourcing".  Click on link to download.
September 12, 2008 New 'Retrosourcing' White Paper Available.  To Secure your .pdf copy contact us at Info@Certellus.net
July 25, 2008 Managing Director appointed as Senior Advisor - Global Outsourcing to the Beijing Association of Sourcing Services (BASS).  Jerry Durant was recognized for his extensive experience in the Information Technology and Global Outsourcing community by appointment to BASS as a Senior Advisor.  In this conferred role he will be consulted as it relates to outsourcing matters between China and both North American & European markets.  Jerry is the first Westerner to be appointed to this important position.
June 23, 2008 David (Xuhui) Wo appointed Sr. Associate - Asia Markets.  As a result of ever increasing business in Asia David Xuhui Wo has been made to head up the newly formed Asia Market division.  In this role, David will be working extensively with The International Institute for Outsource Management and Certellus Corporation accounts to provide language related services, China/Western cultural transitioning, business generation and focused outsourcer education.  Managing Director Durant expessed his pleasure with this most recent appointment.
June 19, 2008 Certellus Corporation Managing Director Durant Tapped for Outsourcing Trends & Challenges - Latin America for Outsourcing Institute (OI).  OI the premier source for outsourcing networking and information resources has invited Managing Director Durant to conduct two (2) 30 minute webinars on the outsoucing climate in Latin America for both outsourcers and clients.  Durant, with over 20 years of IT & call center outsourcing experience, in over 70 countries, will talk about some of the key factors effecting todays global outsourcing arena in Latin America.  The presentations will be conducted on June 24th and July 8th, 2:00PM EST.  For further information contact the Outsourcing Institute at www.outsourcing.com or email: info@outsourcing.com
April 15, 2008 Certellus Announces ODC™ (On-Demand Consulting) Services.
The ODC approach to consulting is being introduced to bring to clients consulting on demand services.  We believe we are unique in that we have packaged and made this a fix rate, pre-arrange service.  According to Managing Director Durant, "this allows clients to control their expenses while providing a valuable service that results in risk reduction".  ODC™ is available in pre-arranged monthly, quarterly, annual and the Unique Unlimited ODC™ package.  Chosing from a wide array of subject matter expert areas clients can use a cafeteria approach to their selection.  This program is offered through our over 75 international experts around the globe.
March 15, 2008 Certellus Announces HIT™ (Holistic Information Technology) solution approach.  The HIT™ approach the problem of tactical and operational change, whether for improvement or opportunity pursuits in a holistic fashion rather than through a series of disconnected elements that are tentatively attached to a frail IT backbone.  According to Managing Director Jerry Durant, "we view HIT™ as the first method to firmly establishing a comprehensive solution set, rather than a 'strategic' roadmap that is based on frangile underpinings.  One might view it as the Fung Sui for IT, Posturing-Positioning-Harmony... a balance".  For further information contact us at info@certellus.net
January 25, 2008 (from Beijing) Outsource Management Services (OMS)™ being added to Service Portfolion  Managing Director Jerry Durant has announced the introduction of OMS™ wrap around service offering to support client side development, management and adjustment in order to insure project delivery success.  Though Certellus's world-wide network and affiliation with the International Institute for Outsource Management (www.int-iom.org) Certellus brings to bear over 20 years of hands-on, result based outsource project management delivery.
January 23, 2008 (from Beijing) Two World-Class Partners Being Added to Certellus Corporation  Managing Director Durant has announced the addition of two leading professionals to Certellus Corporation.  According to Durant, "We have agreed in principal and also in terms of domain area on these two leading individuals.  Our plans are to act swiftly in order to capitalize on momentum coming out of 2007."  Stay tuned for more news and our formal recognition.
January 01, 2008  Another Year and What a Year!  With 2007 less than 24 hours old we can't help share with you the joys of success.  Business volume - UP, Sales leads - UP, Release of New Products/Services - UP, Associate Additions - UP and Repeat Business - UP.  We left 2007 with a successful deployment of the International Institute for Outsource Management, the chartering of our first operating association supporting the Asia-Pacific region, and most importantly their highly successful introduction into a vibrant Asian market.  These are in no means small gains, and ones that required continued attention and allot of hard work.  As we enter 2008 we have loads of new things to offer and work to engage in.  We continue to have needs, and I'm sure more new ideas.  Each will be developed, test marketed, deployed and added to our every growing product line.  On behalf of the Certellus Corporation team we rejoice in entering 2008 and look forward to meeting new friends, clients and associates.
Happy New Year 2008!   A new year, a new start and a promise of ongoing success.  Often when we make our resolutions we harbor beliefs that things won't change.  With this self-defeating attitude it is destine to become a reality.  We encourage you to right the wrong, to view things with promise and to take charge of the controllable in 2008!  We stand prepared to support your pursuits.
December 11, 2007  Managing Director Durant announcement Agreement with ESI
After several years of negotiation it is announced that an agreement has been reached with the European Software Institute to promote ESIs ITMark assessment model and Software Reuse Factory in North America and in foreign markets via The International Institute for Outsource Management.  According to Director Durant, "this is an ideal product offering for the outsourcing sector and equally valuable for domestic companies who are looking to new ways to deliver software and in a responsible fashion.  Formal contractual details are scheduled to be completed by year-end, with formal offering starting in 2008.
November 23, 2007 (Friday-HK/China)
Board Chairman Jerry Durant (IIOM-International) is pleased to announce the formation of the Outsource Management Joint Research Center a venture involving the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Science, Hong Kong PolyU and the IIOM - Asia/Pacific organizations.

The Chinese Academy of Science represents the highest level of national honor for Chinese scientists, and the graduate university is the first in China to award PhD degree.  Hong Kong PolyU is a the leading technology university in Hong Kong with status established in 1994 and having trained over 250,000 men & women.  The International Institute for Outsource Management - Asia/Pacific was chartered in 2007 and was formed under the auspices of the International Institute for Outsource Management.  The IIOM is dedicated to support for the global outsourcing community
October 20, 2007 'Pay It Foward' Launched
In an effort to make a difference Managing Director Jerry Durant announce that what started out as an 'informal/casual' joy is now going to be a routine daily event.  The concept is designed to bring happiness and joy to others, and as a bi-product we bring job to ourselves.  Started in the spring of 2006 the passing out of dollars with the inscription 'Have a Wonderful Day' has occured on a semi-regular basis.  The way it works, according to Durant, is that you give this to someone special who is undertaking their duties in a positive fashion.  The rules are simple, spend it on yourself or pass the joy onto someone else.  Certellus is encouraging their associates and colleagues to join in and make a difference.  We hope to one day see this simple inscription on a regular basis (both domestic & foreign currency).
October 8, 2007 Jason S. Epstein to serve as Director - Certellus Research & Development Division.
Managing director Jerry Durant announced the appointment of Jason Epstein to serve as Director of Certellus R&D.  "Jason comes to us with extensive practical knowledge that helps to shape the way we look at problems and how they can be best used in a 'real world' setting.  I have know Jason for several years and I am proud to have him join our family of world class professionals!"
September 22, 2007  Certellus Corporation announces the launch of bITn News
Managing Director Jerry Durant announced today the formation of the bITn News™ News Network.  bitn News™ is dedicated to the news from the shallow end of the IT news pool.  According to Durant, "anyone can get the so called 'big news' from a variety of different sources and feeds.  bitn News™ promotes the undercurrent of news within IT." 
bitn News™ submissions can be made to NEWS@biten.net (yes we dropped the 'E' for electronic), advertising and all other inquiries can be made to Info@certellus.net .
September 6, 2007  Certellus establishes local Central Florida Agile User Group
Managing Director Jerry Durant announced today that Certellus Corporation will sponsor a local Agile User Group forum to discuss and develop Agile Engineering methods in Central Florida.  According to Durant, "Agile is no longer a boutique concept and has become a mature and reliable approach to rapid, stable engineering.  We feel that anything we do can, and will serve the region in the years to come."   For further information contact Certellus Corporation (an Agile Alliance Corporate Member) at info@certellus.net
August 20, 2007  Certellus R&D Division formally established to serve the growing business velocity for technology advancement.
August 9, 2007  Managing Director Durant to service on InformationWeek/TechWeb Business Technology Research Panel
Managing Director Jerry Durant has been asked to service on the Business Technology Research Panel and to be involved with various research studies and events.
August 7, 2007  Treasurer, Rhonda Colcord Reports Mid-Year Earnings at 12% above Projections.
2007 was planned as a year of asset building with a major push in the area of process formalization (based on 20 years of practice engagements).  Hightened Q1/Q2 demand for training programs has resulted in the introduction of 3 new programs, 1 nearing completion, and 4 inflight with scheduled completion in Q4 2007.  Programs will be rolled out in the Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe market through strategic training partners.  Despite significant infrastructure planned events revenues are reported at 12% above projections, with operating expenses at a level on par with budget.  Managing Director Durant expressed his pleasure with these results.  He cautioned however that capacity/bandwidth was being monitored closely as we are reaching our maximum domestic capacity and may be exercising offshore options in non-strategic product components.
August 6, 2007  Sr. Associate James York Recognized for Techology Advancement Managing Director, Jerry Durant announced the recognition of James York, Sr. Associate and President, C/J System Solutions, Inc. for his personal commitment in the area of technology advancement.  According to Jerry, "Jim has seen it all, and done it all" with over 30 years of hands-on experience he characterizes the full life cycle in technology.  Certellus plans to recognize significant contributors on a periodic basis.
August 4, 2007  Time to Plan for 2008!!!
Next year is right around the corner and although your company may not be going through the budgeting process it makes sense to start thinking about establishing your budget requests.  Over the course of our 22+ year history we have worked with hundreds (maybe thousands) of clients to help plan for the next 12 to 18 month operational timeframe.  While budgets are looked at from the vantage point of buying service, we believe that a more comprehensive & strategic based view has greater value.  A budget based on purpose helps to focus vision, support decisions and when packaged properly will obtained valuable pricing discounts (comprehensive service package offering).  For further information or to obtain your budget planning template contact Certellus at info@certellus.net.
July 26, 2007  Certellus Announces Reductive Software Engineering (RSE)™ a

Weight Loss Without Value Loss Application Reduction Program

Managing Director Jerry E. Durant announced today the release of a revolutionary approach to application cost reduction.  RSE™ address the natural occurrence is Application Bloat, caused by the growth in function, complexity and maintenance costs as a result of time.  According to Durant, "while others attack the problem with alternative solutions ranging from Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Software to Offshoring, RSE™ attacks at the seat of the problem."  Reductive Software Engineering (RSE)™ is the process of surgically removing unwanted application fat.  RSE™ profiles the application (using state of the art technologies), establishes surgical removal sites, confirm pre-operative measures, conducts the removal, monitors post-operative events, confirms release readiness and stages reintroduction.  RSE™ is ideal for all legacy application situations including outsourced, web, production and real-time software.  RSE™ removes fat without loss of value or primary application control elements, and integrates with Software Reuse Factory



July 10, 2007  Certellus transfers Global Star Certified (GSC)™ Qualification to the International Institute for Outsource Management (IIOM)
In order to garner support and to provide an additional level of independence Managing Director Jerry E. Durant announced the release of GSC to the independent trade IIOM organization.  "We believe that though this independent, board governed and regional organization, that GSC can be given the level of independence that it needs to grow."  The International Instititute for Outsource Management (IIOM) was established as an offshoot from Certellus Corporation and been setup to operate independently and board governed.  Further information on IIOM can be obtained from their website at www.Int-IOM.org
June 04, 2007 Certellus Corporation Announces Global Star Certified (GSC)™ Outsource Designation
Jerry E. Durant, Managing Director of Certellus Corporation announced today the establishment of the Global Star Certified™ Designation for Outsource Providers.  According to Durant, "The purpose of this designation is to reflect a company's readiness to provide respectable service delivery to clients.  We have seen a growing number of companies who feel that their outsource experience has fallen short of expectations and much has to do about words over delivery."   The GSC™ designation is based on both engineering and test maturity assessment paradigms but goes beyond this to address specific assessment of outsourced characteristics including client coordination and management, requirements assessment, delivery qualification and turnover processes.  In addition a company's operational/business well being is likewise assessed.  While a number of Certellus clients have utilized us to assess capability, this is the first step in minimum qualification that is service provider initiated.  There are five levels (represented by the five points of the Star; two foundation levels - Ad Hoc & Functioning, two operational levels - quasi-organized & stable, and one premier level reflecting maturity and sound business & engineering.  For further information contact us at info@certellus.net
June 01, 2007 Certellus Adds 21st KPA to V&VMMx™ Only Organization to have Expanded Assessment Model!  Jerry E. Durant, Managing Director announced today the addition of a 21st Key Process Areas to be included as a part of Certellus Corporations assessment model.  According to Durant, "we were the first, and we remain a leader in having a test assessment model that address current test organization composition as well as the array of development models that V&V supports."  For further information contact us at:  info@certellus.net
May 26, 2007 Certellus Corporation Publishes Whitepaper in Conjunction with ASPE Technology, Cary, NC
Certellus Corporation has produced a whitepaper entitled "Top 10 Test Automation Script Mistakes.  The whitepaper can be found on this website and copies can be obtained from ASPE Technology at www.aspetech.com.
May 20, 2007 Certellus LLC Changes Status to 'C' Corporation
Certellus LLC has officially changed it registration status from a Limited Liability Corporation to a full  C Corporation.  This change will take effect immediately according to Managing Director Durant.  Any and all prior commitments, proprietary and trademarked products will become a part of Certellus Corporation.
April 16, 2007  Discussions with Vision Catalyst, Bangalore, India
Initial collaborative discussions are underway with Vision Catalyst, a leading offshore software solution provider.  According to Managing Director Durant, "We are in the very early stages of discussions & dialogs.  However based on what we know, seen and heard we are encourage that a relationship will be formed in the near term."  Certellus LLC is a leading outsource/offshore facilitator.  All collaborative relationships are onsite pre-qualified and involve strategic channeling.
April 06, 2007  Software Test & Performance Magazine
Leading testing magazine published Certellus LLC response to Edward Correia's article, :The Importance of Being (and Testing in) Earnest" - February 06, 2007.  Certellus continues to lead in coherent understanding and applied testing disciplines.
April 04, 2007  Office Opening Discussions in China
On the heals of a successful Asia tour Managing Director Jerry E. Durant announced that discussions are underway to open an office in China.  "We are greatly encouraged by the dialogs that we have had and the friendships that we have established.  These first steps open the door of opportunity for us to position our services in China to not only provide a service to that region but also to serve as a springboard for new service development to be done in this wonderful country."  It is our hopes that an office, staffed by world-class professionals will be in place by the 4th quarter - 2007.
March 26, 2007 Managing Director Durant Returns from a Successful China Tour
Two weeks and 20,000 miles later Managing Director Jerry Durant has returned from his trip to Hong Kong and China.  During this time he conducted targeted training for Huawei Technologies (Shenzh3n), Hong Kong Government Office of the CIO and presented a special presentation for the Hong Kong Computer Society (SPIN) group.  Discussions were also pursued with Government officials in Chengdu (host for the 2008 ChinaSoft/QAI-China World Conference), as well as leading members from Chengdu's Technology Park.  Wrapping up the trip were productive dialogs with a major software provider located in Shanghei.  Stay tuned for new program offering being delivered in the next three to six months!
March 08, 2007 Link Egypt Reaps awards for E-Business Web Applications design and Development
Collaborative partner Link Egypt received 1st & 2nd place awards by the Egypt sector of the World Summit Award (WSA) for e-Commerce applications.  This recognitionn will now take them to the next level and compete on a global basis.  For further information on this noteworthy accomplishment go to
March 01, 2007  TEC Center Published White Paper (Feb 09) Reaches High Hit Rate
According to TEC Center, Montreal over 135 downloads have taken place in less than a thirty day timewindow with 98 from North & South American sources (74%) on the jointly published white paper 'Key Factors for Achieving Successful Projects".  TEC Center is quoted as saying that this is quite unusual for a paper that was not actively promoted as a part of a large marketing plan.  This provides solid indication that the advise and direction is sound, honest and highly appropriate.
February 12, 2007  InformationWeek.com recognizes Certellus LLC
InformationWeek recognized Certellus LLC & it's Managing Director Jerry E. Durant for their response to an article that appeared January 22nd entitled "Bugged About Software - How Hard Can It Be?".  In our response "It's All In The Design" Durant points out the value contribution of Design and it's ability to encourage greater deliverable value.
February 09, 2007 TEC-Center Publishes Certellus LLC/ShineTech White Paper
The white paper (refer to white papers on this website) Key Factors for Achieving Successful Projects" was published and made available by TEC-Center (www.techwhitepapers.com and can be queried by company name or title).  TEC-Center is an internationally recognized electronic publisher of white papers and is located in Montreal, Canada.  TEC = Test Evaluation Centers
February 07, 2007  Business Engineering Institute (BEI) Unit Head Appointed
Managing Director Jerry Durant announced the appointment of Michael E. Anderson to head up the newly formed Business Engineering Institute (BEI), a mentoring and advisory services targeted for support of Business Process Owners and the Governance of IT resources.  In addition to setting the direction of BEI and the development of the service portfolio, Michael will also be responsible for ITIL (compliance & education).  According to Durant, "we are excited and fortunate to have Michael join our organization.  His extensive business, finance and technical abilities are a perfect fit with the portfolio we offer".  Michael can be reached at MEAnderson@Certellus.net .
January 25, 2007  Mitrais retracts Collaboration with Certellus
According to Managing Director Jerry Durant, "we received notification today that Mitrais based in Bali, Indonesia had decided to withdraw as a collaborative partner effective as of today.  This was totally unexpected and no additional details were given."  Collaborative discussions started in late 2005 and a formal agreement reached in early December 2006.  No inflight projects would be effected by this turn of events.
January 23, 2007  Collaboration & Partner Review Completed
Over the last two and a half years we have seen significant growth in services and the relationships that we have built.  In order to continue providing our customers with the very best leading technologies we annually review our global collaborative efforts.  As a result of this review we have taken steps to disconnect from three of our servicers.  The old addage, "breaking up is hard to do" reflects the mode that surrounds having to discontinue these formal relationships.  Our assessment is simple; product/service line contribution and aligned pricing keeping it affordable for our clients.  We remain confident that these organizations provide world class services and that our decision is without impact to you, our customers.  For further information contact us at:  info@certellus.net .
January 21, 2007  LinkEgypt Collaboration to Roundout Global Service Solution
Certellus LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Cairo based LinkEgypt to our Global Service Solution family.  LinkEgypt brings credible and capable solution service delivery to our portfolio of offshore providers.  According to Managing Director Jerry Durant, "LinkEgypt not only represents solid engineering delivery but they also are geographically positioned to meet the needs of Eastern U.S. and European client demands.  In addition, we view LinkEgypt as a key element in our Follow-the-Sun™ testing solution set."
January 01, 2007  Business Engineering Institute (BEI) Announced!
Managing Director Jerry Durant is pleased to announce the formation of the Business Engineering Institute.  BEI is targeted to address and support the needs of business process owners (BPO) as they take on a growing role in IT resource management.  BEI will provide leadership and mentoring to BPOs as they move into this new area of responsibility.  According to Durant, "BPOs are challenged to maintain more than just cost control and servicing growing business needs, they are now faced with rapidly changing technologies and paradigms that are foreign to the business sector."  We intend to fill the gap and to serve as a valuable BPO resource.  You can't train IT management into an organization, it must be balanced and thus requires a mentor that understands both business and IT."  Certellus LLC, a leading IT service provider has multi-industry, cultural and business resources will support the BEI organization.


Happy Holidays to all our family, friends, alliance partners and clients who have shared with us the many blessings of 2006May you all have a productive and bountiful New Year.


December 19, 2006 - Certellus LLC is pleased to announce the cooperative offshore/outsourcing collaboration with Mind Fire Solutions.  According to Managing Director Durant, "after months of negotiation, dialog and assessment we are pleased to add Mind Fire Solutions to our cadre of quality service providers.  This rounds out our cooperative collaboration at this time.  The five companies that we present represent not only the best of breed, but also a suitable diversity balance that we sought".  Our clients will enjoy the benefits of risk and worry free delivery of service while having a domestic support presence that has over 15 years of outsourcing experience (and over 30 years in IT).


December 18, 2006 - Certellus LLC in conjunction with Shinetech - China is pleased to announce that a collaborative working agreement has been reached.  Shinetech with offices in Beijing and an extensive staff of highly experienced software engineers.  According to Managing Director Durant, "This deal was been a year and a half in the making.  We both went to great lengths to understand delivery, capability and quality related matters.  I am confident that any client that utilizes our combined efforts will be pleased with the expedient results". 

December 15, 2006 - Certellus LLC is pleased to announce reaching a collaborative agreement with PT Mitrais, Bali, Indonesia.  Under the agreement Certellus LLC and Mitrais will work together in support of client needs in the Americas.  According to Managing Director Durant, "We are excited with the new addition to our collaborative network.  This further strengthens our ability to deliver global offshore solutions."  Each collaborative relationship undergoes an extensive evaluation of capacity, skills, organizational stability and method maturity by Certellus.  In this way our clients are assured of top-notch service delivery talent.

December 3, 2006 - Executive Summary - Forrester surveyed vendors who conduct usability lab tests of digital and physical products like Web sites, desktop software applications, and mobile phones. We found that, on average, these vendors tested 13 users per engagement, conducted tests over the course of two to three weeks, and charged $20,000 or less for this work. But project size and cost varied widely, from small tests (five users for less than $5,000) to massive engagements (120 users for more than $100,000). What will change in 2007? Usability vendors expect increases in both demand and cost. Additional statics available: Figure 1: Users Recruited Per Lab Test, Figure 2: Time Required To Conduct A Lab Test, Figure 3: Cost Per Lab Test, Figure 4: Firms Expect Demand And Cost To Rise In 2007.

November 2006 As part of a continued effort to provide quality resource bandwidth Managing Director Durant will be visiting with outsource providers and business leaders in the Caribbean. The tour includes scheduled visitation with resources and client companies in the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Tortola, The Turks and Caicos. According to Durant "the Caribben with it's close proximity, stable business climate and hidden wealth of technology talent is a rich, untapped resource". Convenient to both North and South America the Caribbean offers both business as well as service opportunities, especially for support related services.

November 2006 An agreement has been established with TestAssure (Longwood, FL and Kyiv) to market, promote, deliver and provide technical skills to our client base (present and future). Under this agreement we are taking bold steps to remain competitive, extend our capacity, and to provide unique delivery services that would not normally be available. For further information contact either Certellus LLC (ref. to our website) or TestAssure info@testassure.com.

November 2006 An agreement has been reached between ICL-KME CS (Russia) and Certellus LLC to promote and support ICL-KME offshore services in the Americas. ICL-KME CS has met the exacting software engineering standards, set by Certellus, as a pre-qualification for all engaged partners and collaborative entities. ICL-KME CS has office across Russia and hold many strategic partnership with prominent technology companies, including Fijitsu.

November 2006 Test Staffing Services provided to select local markets effective January 2007. Utilizing local talent with industry specific skills, keeps pricing competitive. For more information or to be considered for possible candidancy contact Certellus directly.

November 2006 Pricing for 2007 remains unchanged from 2006 pricing levels. Despite high demand for services Certellus believes that it makes good business to reduce one less worry from the list of things that a client must think about. In addition to consistent 2007 pricing Certellus continues to offer flexible pricing options to fit client needs.

November 2006 YES!!! We are alive and well. Mutual ventures, product development, and oh yes.... customer service delivery has occupied the large part of our time since January. Many new and exciting announcement will be made as we enter into 2007. Rest assured that our lack of displayed NEWS does not mean that we have disappeared. That would be the farthest thing from the truth. We have most recently been commissioned by ASPETech to produce a Test Automation Workshop offering. This is a new updated version of the service offering previously provided through SQE. The first event will be held in January and February 2007 (Columbus, OH and Washington, DC). For more information or to register contact American Society of Professional Education at www.aspeonline.com.

January 2006 Let me be the first to say Happy New Year! We look forward to 2006 and being of service to you our clients (existing or potential). There are many new and exciting services which we will be introducing over the course of this year. However, we remain true to our basic products and services as they are the ones that have provided unparalleled success for us all. Once again Happy New Year and please let us know how we can continue to be of service. - Jerry E. Durant, CSP, CQA, CSTE, CISA, CICS, Managing Director

January 2006 Certellus LLC is pleased to announce that new communication vehicles have been established for the express purposes of improved client project communications. According to Managing Director, Jerry Durant "We have always relied on verbal and written communications as the base for effective client management. Whether in person, over the phone, or email we remain in constant contact with our clients, on a 24/7 basis. This initiative further enhances our communication abilities and includes both audio and web conferencing vehicles.". Durant went on to say that while these changes are an important part of product quality that they are no subsitute for face-to-face contact.

January 2006 - White Paper "A Plethora of Panaceas" added.

February 2006 - Executive IT Valet (EITV) service offering introduced. According to Managing Director Jerry Durant, this offering goes beyond simple information sharing services by providing a vehicle for senior executives to get personalized corporate attention. Whether it's a specific technology, opportunity research or acquiring a much needed highly sought after resource EITV stands ready (totally confidential and proprietary). Durant said, "It's better than information, it's providing delivery of a need". Utilizing a network of over 100 world-wide specialist we reach out and get the job done in the shortest amount of time possible with a high level of goal satisfaction.

February 2006 Managing Director, Jerry Durant announced today the signing of agreements with McCabe Software, a leading software engineering tool provider and RD Systems Inc., foremost authority on DB2 solutions. These two agreements signify our continued efforts to bring the best of breed to our customer base. Utilizing strategic partners it is our intent to fill in the gaps where others might leave off.

Certellus LLC will be providing independent training services, and pre/post sales support for clients of McCabe Software. According to Durant, "we bring to the table an independent & objective position allowing clients to focus on solutions". McCabe's enjoys recognition as a Platium Collaborative Partner.

Certellus LLC is also pleased to announce a Collaborative Partnership with RD Systems Inc. (Ron Devine), specialists in DB2 technologies. Ron is well known for his consulting and training expertise as it relates to this domain space. With over 12 course offerings and 30 years of experience Ron and company brings the best of the best to DB2 related needs.

Both partners can be reached via email or websites.

February 2006 Managing Director, Jerry E. Durant will be conducting a three day training event on SAP R/3 Controls & Configuration in Los Angeles for ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association).

February 2006 Another collaborative partnership has been formed with Go Pro Management, a leading provider of training services for the quality and software testing disciplines. Established in 1982 Go Pro Management of Needham, MA is lead by Robin Goldsmith, JD. According to Managing Director Jerry Durant, "I have known Robin for a number of years and I am honored to have him be a part of our list of collaborative partners. With the addition of Go Pro Management we further our depth of delivery to our clients".

February 2006 Certellus LLC is pleased to announce the striking of an agreement with Tom & Kai Gilb to represent their organization in the Americas. Through this agreement Certellus LLC will represent the Gilbs in both educational and consulting offerings.

In addition, Certellus LLC has also formed an alliance with DINET for the sharing of intelluctual services. DINET is located in the Nederlands and serves the Defense community.

March 2006 (10th) Managing Director Jerry E. Durant will be presenting a session on "Testing Applications for Integrity" at the Tampa/Clearwater Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)


March 2005 Certifiable Technologies Ltd./OutSourceIT!Solutions LLC (Orlando) has entered into a merger agreement with a major information security firm, also located in Central Florida, to explore collaboration and merger potential opportunities for both companies. The combined effort would offer clients an additional level of service under a single organization structure. Managing Director Jerry Durant states, "in today's market we are constantly asked to provide services which we do not have the capacity to deliver. Often we refer business to known, reputable expert providers. Because of growing demand for security and control related services we believe the possiblity for collaboration and eventual merger will be to the long term benefit of our clients as well as those of our companion company".

April 2005 Negotiations are being finalized with outsourcing organization in Indonesia, China, India and the Ukraine. These companies represent some of the best of breed and rival Eastern software enterprises in both software engineering process and talent. All companies have gone throught a screening and qualification process according to Managing Director Durant. OutSourceIT!Solutions LLC serves as a facilitator and placement service. Client projects are qualified, and matched to potential outsource organizations. OutSourceIT!Solutions LLC also works to support clients in understanding the domain space and to help with "on the ground" project management. With an extensive history of outsource support OSITS stands in an authoritative position to support and cultivate a successful project initiative.

May 2005 Managing Director Jerry Durant has been invited as a guest delegate at the STAR2005 (Software Test/Analysis/Review) Conference held in Orlando, FL. The conference is hosted by Software Quality Engineering.

May 2005 Managing Director Jerry Durant, CTL/OSITS will be in Brussels teaching a SAP Introduction Class to familiarize clients with the control, security and control asepcts of the globally recognized ERP application. The program is offered through MIS Training Institute.

May 2005 Discussions are underway to establish a mid-Atlantic office to handle the growing needs for support in this region. The office will be located in Wilmington, NC and will open in late fall 2005.

May 2005 Oracle expertise has been added to the pool of skill based services available to CTL/OSITS clients. We now offer training, evaluation, support, and tuning for clients using Oracle DB services. CTL/OSITS Oracle services are provided through our Northeast office.

June 2005 Managing Director Jerry Durant will be in New York as an instructor for the newly introduced Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques (CAAT) program. The course discusses the use of automated tool technology and it's application in such ERP applications as SAP and PeopleSoft environments.

June 2005 Managing Director Jerry Durant is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between Certifiable Technologies Ltd./OutSourceIT!Solutions LLC and Outsourcing-Ukraine (Sevastopol) to form a strategic alliance. Under the agreement Certifiable Technologies will work with clients in the US and Europe to facilitate projects being engineered by Outsourcing-Ukraine. According to Durant, "we are excited to be a part of this arrangement and know that by helping client companies to realize their project goals that everyone is a winner."

July 2005 NEWS FLASH Jerry Durant, Managing Director is pleased to announce the formation of CERTELLUS LLC, the culmination of merger discussions with a major security service provider based in Central Florida that started back in early 2005. "I'm elated with this new enterprise." stated Durant. "We not only offer a broader range of services, and ones that are logically connected, but the depth of service is unparalled in the industry." Certifiable Technologies Ltd. and OutSourceIT!Solutions LLC will continue to operate as divisions of CERTELLUS LLC.

July 2005 Sun Microsystems has granted CERTELLUS LLC and it's operating subsidiaries use of the Sun Microsystems logo. This is granted as a result of services provide in support of Sun Microsystems customers and direct service to Sun Microsystems in California.

July 2005 Certellus LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of private information security engineering. Based on it's iron clad security assessment and hardening technology employed by major corporations around the world it has now been packaged for those individuals who have a special need for information protection. According to Managing Director Jerry Durant, the services are designed for prominent individuals (entertainers, high ranking government officials, senior corporate executives) who need protection beyond the traditional firewall and password vehicles. "We approach each engagement with the highest degree of confidentiality, in a very discrete fashion, and make sure that whether the technologies are fixed based, mobile or a combination thereof that each and every segment is covered in detail". For further information and a confidential quote contact Certellus LLC for further information.

August 2005 Jerry E. Durant announced the creation and release of the landmark Certellus LLC Online Security Framework (COSF). COSF embodies many of the things that a global (or small) company needs in terms of online security administration. The basic framework includes policies, standards, procedures, risk management, training, 'hot topics', ALERTS!, and reference resource repository. COSF is fully customizeable and can include sockets for web publishing of monitoring reports and control panels for access to security and testing tools. According to Durant, "We believe that electronic, online security management is the cornerstone to effective security management. Paper formats and disconnected administration is simply ineffective." COSF can be delivered organization wide and can be secured to a few or as many as desired. For further information contact Certellus utilizing the 'contact us' request system on this website.

August 2005 Throught the ongoing work and research of Certellus LLC (and it's operating subsidaries) a new approach to tool support has been developed. OOTA™ (Object Oriented Tool Architecture) framework has been constructed. Utilizing the test tool categorization developed by Jerry E. Durant back in the mid-1990s it has been expanded to encompass the technology (classifications) as poised against the task with which it is to serve. This framework allows for a more comprehensive understanding of task objectives, rather than looking at tool capability. According to Durant, "for years engineers have struggled with trying to understand what the technology presented and failed to fully understand what the job they were trying to do. OOTA™ helps us meet both objectives, but more importantly it is target for organizations who simply want to accomplish something in an efficient manner, using tools." The use of OOTA™ can be applied to all software engineering disciplines (software engineering, metrics, testing, security, quality management and monitoring). For additional information contact Certellus LLC.

September 2005 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT So much has happened in the last month, some things locally, others regional but all these impact us Globally. On the local front the destruction in the mid-South, the nationwide gas prices, and strife/discontent throughtout the world are a few significant issues that we face. In order to do our part we realize that wherever you are located that high prices are impacting you. Projects that should be done are being put on the back burner, and even if projects are still a foremost priority the rising cost of fuels are making travel expenses prohibitive. To do our part we are offering 10% off all published rates and proposed fixed rate contracts (does not apply to any proposal in process as of 08-31-2005). In addition, we will work very hard to do as much as possible remotely and over the internet. Obviously not everything can be done in this fashion but this is a time when we need to be innovative. Our humanitarian discount offer is valid through the end of 2005. According to Managing Director Durant, "We are sincere in helping companies, communities and individuals to keep moving ahead. Depending on circumstance we will entertain further discounts into 2006." Contact us to day and start the discussions. All open proposals that are in process as of year end 2005 will still receive the humanitarian discount if contracted for in 2006.

October 2005 Certellus LLC has relocated it's offices to 4200 Vanita Court, Winter Springs, FL 32708. According to Managing Director Jerry Durant, this relocation is the final step our short range plan to provide a stable operating base from which to service our clients. Please note this change in all future correspondence.

October 2005 North to Alaska! Certellus LLC is participating in an implementation evaluation of SAP for a major telecommunication company. We can continue to be reached via phone/cell or email during this period of engagement.

November 2005 - Don't forget to sign-up to attend the 25th Annual Conference on Control & Audit of Information Technology sponsored by MIS Training (11/15-17). For registration contact them at 508.879.7999 or mis@misti.com. Certellus LLC will be presenting a one day seminar on WebSphere - Auditing/Evaluation In-Depth. Also Managing Director Jerry Durant will be conducting a 4 day SAP Basis Auditing class in London. For further information contact Certellus using the Inquiry Form contained in this website.

November 2005 - WANTED Looking for "Best of Breed Companies" to be profiled for the purposes of building a guide on how to succeed with limited resources (time/money/people) and still produce quality deliverables. Is it process or is it effective intent? This is but one question that is being explored. Managing Director Jerry Durant has examined new and innovative technologies. In his words, "Solutions today are unique but fall short in many respects, not the least of which is system qualify improvement. Often the new technique, tool, or approach simply avoids doing the right job. The price that is paid is often borne in later process events, just as system sustainment." For further information or to participate in the 'Best of Breed' project contact Certellus LLC.

November 2005 Managing Director Jerry Durant has announced the introduction of a new service offering in support ERP Security. The initial offering is GUARDIAN for SAP™, a remote monitoring service that supports clients with limited personnel that are available to conduct ongoing security monitoring. Via remote GUARDIAN for SAP™ monitor Certellus LLC conducts both periodic regular and random examinations of client configurations, use and areas of potential. GUARDIAN for SAP™ is designed for small to medium sized organizations that desire a solution to address segregation of duties, broadened security monitoring and a means to improve internal control practices. The service offering also includes, periodic scorecard reports, annual onsite visitation, and discounted training services. For more information about GUARDIAN for SAP™ contact Certellus LLC using the inquiry page or by direct email or phone.

November 2005 Managing Director Jerry Durant has announced QUICKSTART ERP™ a program designed for auditors and security personnel to get working effectively and rapidly in the new ERP environment. According to Durant, "we see literally hundreds of clients seeks answers, receiving quality training, returning to their companies and still stalled at getting started, QUICKSTART ERP™ is designed to move the concepts into use." Using principals learned, and activities that they have been engaged in QUICKSTART ERP™ involves one week (min.) of onsite, side-by-side work to get the group moving towards an effective and sustainable relationship with the ERP application. Presently QUICKSTART ERP™ is offered for all major systems and those being introduced. Certellus LLC has a long history of services to those involved with ERP application introduction and ongoing assessment (SAP, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards...). For further information contact Certellus LLC.

December 2005 Mr. Durant will be conducting a three day Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques (tools) program in San Francisco the 5th through the 7th. For further information contact CertellusLLC or the course sponsor MIS Training.

December 2005 Managing Director Jerry Durant has been recognized and awarded the designation of Certified Internal Control Specialist (CICS) by the Internal Control Institute. The CICS designation was introduced this year and acknowledges competency and experience in the area of internal control assessment, design and implementation.

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