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The backbone of a company is the intellectual property that it develops.  Many of these products and services are the bi-products of thousands of dollars and years of investments.  Certellus Corporation is proud of these offerings and is now able to offer this as the foundation for customized implementation.

What ™Products mean to you?

  • Lower Cost
  • Time Proven
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Easily Customizeable 
Product details

Listed below are our ™Product/Services and a brief description about each.  For further information please contact us at:  info@certellus.net
              UPLOAD FREE Test Estimation Model [click to uploadNow Including
              Agile Estimation Components!


              Certellus education is offered through domestic and international training

              partners.  For further information or to discuss our combined Training and

              Implementation package contact us at Info@Certellus.net


              Test Automation Workshop (TAW)

              Fundamentals of Web Testing

              Fundamentals of Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis (RCA)  

              SAP Fundamentals

              SAP Assessment & Administration

              Software Quality Utilizing High Speed Principals

              High-Impact Inspections

              Principals for Software Reuse Factory

              Testing Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Software


              Outsourcing Specific Series:

              Outsource Quality Management

              Managing Outsourced/Off-Shore Projects

              Communications for Technical Outsource Project Implementors  *New*

              Introduction to Outsourced Agile Engineering *New*


              In-Flight:          Introduction to Business Engineering

                                    Software Reuse Factory for Outsourcing

                                    Communication Workshop for Outsource Management



  • ODC™ (On Demand Consulting)

              Consulting On Call - April 2008


              When you face those critical moments are you alone to succeed or fail?  Ever

              wish that you had a support system that could provide on the spot answers, give

              credible support or act as a private resource?  ODC™ is a consultant at your

              fingertips.  Through our international advisory team we offer you solid support for

              this highly visible projects, key  meetings, or technically challenging initiatives

              requiring collaborative support ODC™ is the answer.  Services are planned in

              advanced and can be acquired by pay-as-you-go, monthly/quarterly/annual

              subscription (include our unique unlimited use program!).


  • HIT™ (Holistic Information Technology)

              Change in Balance - March 2008


              The HIT™ approach the problem of tactical and operational change, whether for 

              improvement or opportunity pursuits in a holistic fashion rather than through a

              series of disconnected elements that are tentatively attached to a frail IT

              backbone.  The dynamics, technologies, and resource shifts inhibits the ability of

              strategic roadmaps as a tool for change.  HIT™ breaks this tradition through the

              use of dynamic monitoring and adjustment modeling.  Global, multinational

              companies can utilize information warehousing technologies to amplify precision

              but open up areas of business opportunity.  Rather than IT being a business

              burden it becomes a dynamic ROI contributor.  One might view it as the Fung Sui

              for IT, Posturing-Positioning-Harmony... a balance". 


  • Outsource Management Services (OMS)™

              Wrap-Around Outsourcing Support - January 2008


              Provides client side support in taking on, supporting, and reimplementing

              outsource projects.  Gartner and Forrester report higher than normal outsource

              project failures in 2007.  This continued trend is the result of both client and

              outsource service provider project management issues.  With over 20 years of

              hands-on outsource project experience Certellus leads the list in effective and

              balanced delivery successes in this specialized area.  Their connection with the

              International Institute for Outsource Management (www.int-iom.org) further this 

              capability to answer ALL of your outsourcing needs from call center to software

              application projects for embedded (or business) systems.  OMS™ can be

              acquired as a package or through a flexible caferteria style program.


  • Reductive Software Engineering (RSE)™

              Weight Loss Without Value Loss Application Reduction - July 2007


               A natural occurrence is Application Bloat, the growth in function, complexity and

              maintenance costs as a result of time.  Reductive Software Engineering

              (RSE)™ is the process of surgically removing unwanted application fat.  RSE™

              profiles the application (using state of the art technologies), establishes surgical

              removal sites, confirm pre-operative measures, conducts the removal, monitors

              post-operative events, confirms release readiness and stages reintroduction.  

              RSE™ is ideal for all legacy application situations including outsourced, web,

              production and real-time software.  RSE™ removes fat without loss of value or

              primary application control elements, and integrates with Software Reuse Factory



  • Global Star Certified (GSC)™

              Qualification for Outsource Service Providers - June 2007

              Certification for Outsource Service Providers.  Based on the V&VMMx™ 20 21

              KPA assessment model the GSC™ goes beyond operational capability to

              assess business viability.  GSC™ involves an initial remote interview, on site

              assessment and annual re-examinations.  GSC™ utilizes independent objective

              assessors.  The certification involves five designations; two foundation-Ad Hoc

              &  Functioning, two operational-quasi-organized & stable, and one premier level

              reflecting solid maturity and sound business & engineering.


              Effective July 10, 2007 Global Star Certified (GSC)™ Governance and

              Administration has been transferred to the International Institute for

              Outsource Management.   Refer to www.Int-IOM.org for further information.




  • V&VMMx™  - Enhanced EDITION

              Assessment Model for V&V Maturity Assessment Extended- December 2006  
             Process model for the evaluation of V&V disciplines within an organization.  The
             assessment utilized IEEE 829, 1008, 1012, 1028, 1044, 1044.1, ISO9126 and
             BS925-1 & 2 standards.  A detailed examination of V&V, independent of other
             assessments, focuses attention (and it's effectiveness) on this critical quality
             mechanism.  The V&VMMx™ approach can be employed either as an extension
             of or a component in conjunction with CMM, CMMi®, TMM and SPICE
             frameworks.  A V&VMMx™ Lite version is also available to work in concert with
             I.T.Mark or for small/medium sized IT program assessments.  The 20 KPA model
             serves as the backbone for this assessment vehicle .  The original V&VMMx™
             (titled CAP™ - Certifiable Accessment Process was established in 1987). 
             ENHANCED EDITION (06/2007) NOW with 21 KPA to address outsourced/
             offshore test service assessment!

  • Follow-the-SUN
                   Methodology Based Test Service - November 2006
                   Through a network of test providers clients companies are afforded a framework to
                   conduct global testing.  Whether self-directed or administered by Certellus Corp, the
                   pre-architected approach provides both an increase in testing capacity/bandwidth but
                   also takes advantage of nationalization impact, global technology variations, and
                   increase capability to generate 'true state' load conditions.
  • Executive IT Valet (EITV)
                   Executive Management Service - Introduced January 2006
                   A subscription based service offered to C level, CIO-CTO-CEO members only.  An on
                   demand vehicle that provides mentoring, counsel, research, and strategic advise to
                   subscribers.  Membership is limited to 25 companies [openings are available], and
                   companies must be CMMi3 rated (or aspiring CMMi2 - ask about waivers).  Strictly 
                   confidential service - fix fee based.  As the title implies... a Valet Service offering.


  • Certellus Online Security Framework (COSF)™

                   Automated Infrastructure Software Tool Solution - July 2005

                   Fully customizeable and easily incorporates existing security infrastructure artifacts.

                   Implemented and secured in both client server and intranet settings.  Comes with

                   baseline policies, practices, procedures, checklists, reference sources, and security

                   intelligence elements.

  • Object Oriented Tool Architecture (OOTA)™

                   Tool Acquisition Methodology - August 2005

                   Method for the acquisition of automation support (aka tools) based not on type but

                   based on functions that are supported.  Technological approach can be applied to any

                   technical discipline whether supporting software or verification (test) engineering.  It

                   strength founded on task accomplishment with less emphasis placed on tool


  • SAP Transaction Remediation Methodology (STRM)

                   Systematic Risk Mitigation Methodology - November 2005

                   Companies facing the need to mitigate risk, whether for compliance, audit or policy

                   purposes often need to do so in shortened timeframes.  Following customary role

                   creation may not be feasible.  STRM™ offers a pragmatic stop-gap approach that gets

                    the job done. The approach is intended only as a temporary measure.  It involves risk

                    benchmarking, population analysis, tactical step deployment, progress feedback

                    monitoring, and testing confirmation.  Ancillary correction opportunities are often a

                    side benefit.


  • Guardian for SAP™

                   SAP Monitoring Service - November 2005

                   Providing objective, periodic and regular monitoring of your SAP ERP system to insure

                   that adminstration measures are being conducted in a suitable fashion.  In the heat of

                   normal day-to-day administration steps taken are not always carried out with thoughts

                   to long term impact.  Guardian for SAP™ provides a watchful eye on activities and

                   changes that have a profound impact.  Insure a second line of control over BASIS

                   Administration personnel, contractors & temporary personnel, role management and

                   SAP EarlyWatch activities.

  • Quickstart for ERP

                  Service Offering - November 2005

                   Designed for testers, auditors, business process owners or individuals needing to

                   get started quickly with the ERP system (SAP, PeopleSoft, OracleFinancials,

                   JDEdwards). Quickstart ERP™ goes beyond concepts gain in training to guided

                   use.  The complexity of ERP solutions destroys the train and use paradigm.  Using

                   principals learned (added training is optionally available) the person or group work

                   side-by-side with skilled ERP personnel.  This job shadowing approach facilitates

                   fast, effective and sustainable results. 

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