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About Us
Certellus Corporation (orig. Certifiable Technologies Ltd.) was established in 1985 providing quality and test services to the IT community.  Over the years we have expanded our base of service to include ERP assessment & risk mitigation, security and outsource/offshore facilitiation.   Central to our business has been the theme of quality, governance and verification & validation (V&V).  Our credo is simple... keep pace - acquire knowledge - deliver results.

The Certellus organization is comprised of a network of seasoned knowledged based professionals.  This allows us to deliver quality results in an expeditious fashion.  We stand behind our work, and the people delivering the services.  The proof is in the hundreds of satisfied clients in a diverse cross section of business, domestically and internationally.
We remain committed to timely and practical solutions that fulfill expectations. Each step of the way matching the delivery of service to the culture of the client.
Company history

- Established 1985 as Certifiable  Tech. Ltd.

- OutSourceIT!Solutions formed 2004

- Certellus Corp umbrella establish 2005


           "Stay Tuned... More to Come"

Customer testimonials
How can one company do all this and still provide answers that are practical and constructive?  Easy, their tops in the profession!
- Global Petrochemical Company
Do these guys ever sleep?  Not only are they available after the 'paid' contract  'at no charge' but they respond within 8 hours of an inquiry!  They reflect SOA beyond words.  If you are looking for the best, look no further.
- Leading Electronics Company (Asia)
Best investment we ever made.  They gave us advise that no one else was willing to!
- Prominent Outsourcer
Amazing precise delivery, exceptional commitment and carried out in an expeditious fashion.
- Leading Telecommunication Provider
It's not about glitz, it's not about safe themes, it's about practical engineering.
Why would one look at a multitude of options when it's all right here?
- CIO, Global Stock Brokerage Company
We know of no other company who is able to adapt delivery realtime and has the breath of knowledge that Certellus and it's associates have.  Kudos!
- Major International Financial Organization