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White Papers & Reference Articles
Keywords - Outsource, Code, Metrics
White Paper - "Top 10 Test Automation Script Mistakes" 05/2007 by Jerry E. Durant - Published by ASPE Technology (www.aspetech.com)
Keywords - Test, Automation, Scripts
White Paper - "White Paper...Wall Paper" 01/2007 by Jerry E. Durant
Keywords - Education, Opinion, Business Proposition, Business Value
White Paper - "Key Factors to Achieve Effective Projects" 01/2007 by Xiaoyu Xu, ShineTech Software, Inc. (collaborative parterner with Certellus LLC)
Keywords - Outsourcing, Offshoring, Project Management
White Paper - "Everyone has Prescriptive Solutions" 01/2007 by Jerry E. Durant
Keywords - Outsourcing, Offshoring, Project Management

White Paper - "All About Misunderstanding" 12/2006 by Jerry E. Durant
Keywords - CIO

White Paper - "How to Audit SAP" 02/2006 by Davids/Durant/Mouthann - Collaborative Article between Certellus LLC and DINET (Nederlands)
Keywords - ERP, SAP, Audit, Assessments

White Paper - "A Plethora of Panaceas" 01/2006 by Jerry E. Durant

Keywords - Solutions, Consulting

White Paper - "Audits… the Overlooked Dimension of Software Evaluation" 09/2005 by Jerry E. Durant

Keywords - Testing, Auditing, V&V, Validation (no... NOT Verfication!)

White Paper - "Chasing the Illusive Requirement(s)" 09/2005 by Jerry E. Durant

Keywords - Requirements, Requirements Engineering

IIA Global Technology Audit Guide - July 2005 - Jerry E. Durant (advisory review member) (contact the Institute of Internal Auditors direct for copies)Keywords - IT Audit, Assessments


Software Security Assurance - "A framework for Software Vulnerability Management and Audit" by Charles H. LeGrand, CHL Global Associates 

Keywords - Security, Assessments, IT Audit


Outsourcing Times - April 2005 - The condition of Offshoring Centers by Jerry E. Durant - (http://www.blogsource.org/2005/04/the_condition_o.html)

Keywords - Outsourcing, Offshoring, Project Management


State of Practice (test automation) by Jerry E. Durant - OUT OF PRINT, Unavailable(http://www.csst-technologies.com/cststar.htm)

Keywords - Testing, Test Automation, Test Tools


Article - February 1991 - Internal Auditor - "Applying Systematic Testing to Application Development Audits"  (http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m4153/is_n1_v48/ai_10380967)

Keywords - Testing, IT Audit, Assessments


If you have problems with any of the downloads or white papers please contact us at certellusllc@embarqmail.com or tectl@certellus.net

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